FREE 20 Face Masks


Our Courtesy Package to fight with you during coronavirus

Free with Coupon Code

Follow & Like Facebook Page to redeem




To fight with you during the outbreak of coronavirus is also our goal.
We have low supplies,
but we can try as much as we can, with Facebook, to reach out to more people.
At least, it can help when you go for some errands.


Our face masks are disposable.
we can only ship one courtesy package to one address.
Please DO NOT repeat your orders. It may be canceled.

How to get coupon code on Facebook

  1. Visit
  2. Follow & Like, please
  3. Shoot a message through messenger
  4. Type and send “Redeem” to get your FREE 20 Face Masks coupon code

You will see the pop-out message with the coupon code as well as the purchase link.


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