Disposable PVC Gloves

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  • 1. A total of 100 pcs disposable PVC gloves were placed in a convenient box. They are smooth, elastic, latex-free, powder-free, sterile gloves.
  • 2. Latex gloves are particularly resilient and tear-resistant, making them useful in many areas. Powder-free gloves are ideal for protecting products from contamination.
  • 3.Fine texture for excellent grip even in wet conditions. Thick gloves to prevent abrasions and punctures during work and isolate the hazards
  • 4.Suitable for medical work, daily protection, food services, industrial environments, cleaning/housekeeping services, etc.
  • 5. Usage: laboratory, cosmetics, pharmacy, food processing, nursing.

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100 pcs Disposable PVC Gloves, Powder Free, Sterile Comfortable Gloves for Food Safe, Cleaning, Sanitary or Mechanic Tasks

Product Feature:

1.HOCOSY gloves provide the best comfort and good touch feeling, which fits the skin very well.

2.Gloves prevent infections and are highly resistant to chemicals, including acids and alkalis.

3.The ergonomic fit ensures a good fit to the skin even when the gloves are wet and ensures the best grip.

4.Scope of use: daily protection, cleaning, and cooking, as well as care working such as tattoo, hair and nail salons

Package including:
100 X PVC gloves


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